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While waiting for delivery of Motor and accessories. This is a good time to plan your Conversion. Work out what is needed. Cables - Alloy plate for your bell housing---repair the Donor car. Remove the motor and gearbox Watch out for wiring. Do Not remove as you will need most wires. Work out how you going to fit all under the Bonet to make it look smart and practical.

Double click for large picture.

Clutch spline welded to the coupling

Motor and gearbox ready to mount after spacers and plate was added

Motor coupled to gearbox ready to install to car Note the tape over the air vents.

Insallation complete Making ready to fit eng. mountings and additional subframe

Using Motor legs and Brumby eng. mountings-- Some welding for subframe.

Gearbox welded Petrol tank tailshafr-diff and CV joints removed. 2 WHEEL DRIVE ONLY

Rear Axles dust sealed with original CVjoint( machined)

Battery frame ready to install with 17 High tensile bolts

Battery frames mounted batteries hooked up and secured

Cables in Conduits under the car also connection to the Emergerncy Switch in the cabin well hiden away from possible damage

Emergency switch and conduits with cables from Ute, through the Cabin and under the car to under bonet connection

Motor and controller hooked up Ready for Auto Electrician to hook up the relays

Relays for Connection to start switch- DC -Dc convertor- Controller- Contactor and vacuum pump

Double Core -Duplex AGM Battery Charger 144 volt =18 amp

Vacuum Pump assembly Non return valve filter cut off switch maintenance free Pump 13-24 HG Very quiet and fast delivery

Digital Inverter to Charge Batteries while driving- Remote start --quiet-

Original Brumby Engine mountings are connected to Motor legs

All high voltage wires and connections are protected and shielded

Car battery Checker Ideal gift for the non smoker Practical and effective only 25$ post free contact me on my e-mail

Number plates to fit the Capacity of EV Brumby

Digital Meters have replaced the analogue These meters do not need soldering Just connect wires and plug in --Digitqal meters are available a Pair with shunt DC 200v and 400 amp for $122 Free post

Heater/Demister Important item for Vehicle registration