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I  have decided to have front wheel drive Brumby only.

Brumby Motor  -----------102 kg

Diff and parts of  ----------84 Kg

Fuel tank full ---------------75 kg

Radiator ---------------------10 kg

Exhaust system  -----------22Kg

Removing  Bull Bar--------21 kg

Total  Parts removed-----314 kg

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Working out the Weight distribution and Capacity
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Brumby Ute has a total weight capacity of 1650 Kg

Kerb weight is------ 920 Kg

Removed-------------314 kg

Minimum weight----606 kg

Allowable load ----1045Kg


This vehicle is ideal for Maximum weight of Batteries= 12 batteries 120a/h = 144 volt

weight 33 kg each=396 kg plus battery steel construction and cables  54 kg= 450 kg

 Motor and Accessories  frames steel etc weight = 150 Kg

Total weight without passengers  (2 Seater) = 600 kg

Allowable load 1045 Kg less 600Kg= 445 kg available total legal loading

2 passengers estimated and allowable weight 170 Kg= 275Kg loading capacity

This calculation has been made with generous weight allowance and the balance of weight is  very satisfactory and legal.

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