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Subaru Brumby (Brat) Electric Conversion

The conversion is described by Eugen who planned and carried out this labour of love.  His effort and craftsmanship are evident in the photos. Eugen has been associated with the EV fraternity in Queensland for some time and has been a regular contributor to the Australian  Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA).  Unfortunately he has had to relinquish his creation, but serendipitously I've had the opportunity to take over the reins, so to speak.  It feels like there’s large shoes to fill but I hope I can do justice to Eugen's work and passion.  If you're around Brisbane or the Redlands you may see us.  Incidentally, brumby, for those coming across this page from overseas, is the name for the hardy wild ‘bush’ horses of Australia, the descendants of escaped domestic horses.  Presumably the reason Subaru chose the name (a bit like the Steyr-Puch “Haflinger” I guess).

By the way, the Brumby was the Shifter in NZ and Brat (supposedly Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter) in the US. (Gotta love the acronyms!)

Anyway back to Eugen's story:


There are many cars for Electric Conversion available. The selection is huge and most cars from the market are all roadworthy and approved to drive on our Roads.

I have selected a Subaru Brumby Utility to convert, after my successful Holden Barina conversion.

Stripping the Brumby is not difficult. All parts are easily accesible. There is a kind of simplicity, which I like.  Removing the engine with the gearbox was quite simple.

At the same time I removed the drive shaft and rear differential with cv shafts and support bridge.

The gearbox has 4 speeds and can be used in front wheel drive at all times.

The process and progress is described in more detail with pictures on the Photos page.

www.evbrumby.mysite.com  ----

Australian Electric Vehicle Association - http://www.aeva.asn.au/

Alternative Technology Association -  http://www.ata.org.au/





The Brumby's load capacity has permitted me to use an 11 Kw Electric motor and 144 volt (12x12volt) AGM batteries ---

My Conversion philosophy is based entirely on Total Simplicity. No Aircon -  No Power steering. No electric windows (but if this Brumby had them I would have kept them).

Primary car inspection is to make sure all brakes are in A1 condition and the steering -- Wheel bearings -- Seals --Tyres -- Brake Hoses -- Hand brake -- Shock absorbers etc.  Select a rust free Brumby, you will have the car for a long time.

The cabin can be jazzed up to your taste. The dashboard’s water temperature and petrol gauges can be covered and replaced with Volt and Amp digital meters.